Our Story

We Are Expert In Professional Works

The Iraa India pro story is actually a interesting one. It all started when innovative minds came together to turn ideas into achievements. we sensed the pulse of the rising online platforms & Social Media wave and took action, focusing their unique skillsets on building a world-class online & Social Media strategy

Today, Iraa India pro has some of the brightest minds in the industry working together to deliver phenomenal results for top clients across India.

Vision & Mission

It Starts with “The Why”

Here at Iraa India pro, our focus and goal is to help people grow. We believe that happiness and contentment are the foundation of and a vital step in unlocking our own potential and achieving excellence. Iraa employees live their passion, which in turn creates quality of life and enables us to give back to society and grow businesses. In the ever-changing industry of Social Media and Digital Marketing, the methods may change, but the values remain the same.

Iraa Family

Each person has something that makes them tick; something that enables them to “level up” and achieve long-lasting productivity – the “happiness quotient”. At Iraa, we encourage and empower our team members to work in the way that suits them best. We have found that keeping the “happiness quotient” high through creating and upholding an atmosphere of freedom and flexibility has resulted in Iraa team members continuously learning, improving, and benefiting from an ever-rising quality of life.

Who We Are?

Iraa india is a renowned digital service agency in Bangalore that works to strengthen online businesses. It works to make your website through designing and development from the stages of ideation to execution. We have been helping a large number of clientele with their web services for  number of years with astounding success. We use the best strategies to develop websites and lend our web services—the goal is to develop engaging design and effective promotion though superior services.

What We Do?

We offer the best rate in web designing and development which is cost effective, superior in quality, excellent in promotion, out reached in internet marketing and excellent in web hosting. We offer a host of web solutions that encompass: registration of your domain, web development of your site, website redesign, promotion through bulk SMS and mailers design, maintenance of your website, logo creation and design, website PHP development, website flash development, web Joomla/Drupal customizations, your sites search engine optimization, your businesses social media optimization, helping you link building and paid campaigns for web promotion all under one roof efficiently. You can breathe a sigh of relief and get all your needs in one vendor for the best economical rates and the highest professionalism.

Iraa Vision and Wisdom

Born on date, Iraa India has made a commitment to the right client and served them loyally for years. We have a vision to serve the client to the max and keep them secure and give the best products there are in the business of web designing and development to whoever needs help in the domain. We want to help our esteemed clientele to promote their businesses, products or services through the wonderful medium of the net to help them gain the best exposure, results and most importantly profits. If they profit we profit that is our motto. We strive for excellence in all we do with our heart. We give it all and excellence is judged by our works of art. Currently we are working with clients all over the world satisfied and repeat clients. We have an exponential growth rate and would like to conquer your heart by winning your business. You as a client are dear to us and we will not fail you.